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February 2010 Health Newsletter

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» Happy February
» Drug Induced Nutrient Deficiencies
» How do you know what you need?
» Indiana Colts Dwight Freeney Using Chiropractic To Heal Ankle
» Patients in Medicare Demonstration Project Give Chiropractors High Marks
» Chiropractors Get Involved with Haiti Relief Mission
» Green Tea Assists Mood In Elderly

Happy February

Hello from all of us at the Saul Clinic. On June 9th of this year, Dr. Saul will celebrate his 30th year in practice! There will be a celebration!  Where and when to be announced.

This month, I want to remind all of you who are thinking of doing the ABC test to just do it. We have been getting fantastic results. If you have already done the tests, but need more follow up, didn't quite understand it or love it and want to share it with other people, let us know how to support you. The cost of the test is now $149..which includes the report of findings. It won't stay that low. There are similar tests being promoted now that only cover 3 biomarkers and costs $225. As you know, the ABC test covers 11!

The ABC test can help you have a life you love, not merely put up with.

This month we will discuss Adrenal Fatigue, one of the 11 key Biomarkers of the ABC test. You may have adrenal fatigue if you suffer from any of the following symptoms.

  • Anxiety

  • Asthma

  • Autoimmune problems

  • Bronchitis - recurrent, chronic or slow recovery from

  • Burnout

  • Chemical Sensitivity

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

  • Chronic infections,

  • Chronically run down - with early morning fatigue and low blood pressure

  • Chronic mental and/or physical exhaustion

  • Exhaustion

  • Depression

  • Fatigue - severe, disabling early morning fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Nervous breakdown (nervous exhaustion)

  • Prevent or lessen the letdown after a stressful event

  • Respiratory infections - recurrent, chronic or slow recovery from

  • Weakness or lack of stamina


    Your Adrenal glands sit atop your kidneys. These powerful little endocrine glands manufacture and secrete hormones such as  adrenaline, cortisol, estrogen and testosterone.They help to regulate the functioning of every tissue, organ and gland in your body to maintain homeostasis during stress and keep you functioning. They also have important effects on attitude and the way you adapt to the environment. They are the 'Fight or Flight" glands.

    If you suspect Adrenal weakness, get tested. Find out what kind of nutritional support and dietary changes are needed to get you back on track!

    Yours in health,


    Dr. Saul

    Author: Dr. Steven Saul
    Source: Dr. Steven Saul, Wikipedia
    Copyright: Dr. Steven Saul 2010

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    Drug Induced Nutrient Deficiencies
    This month, we will discuss Drug Induced Nutrient Deficiencies. This topic has become so important that I am going to resume the ABC testing explanation next month! Many patients have come to the clinic this year with side effects due to drugs. The most prevalent and obvious cases are those suffering with neuromuscular aches and pains due to Cholesterol Lowering Drugs. (Statins) One unfortunate consequence of statin drugs is the inhibition of CoQ10 synthesis. Thus, in the long run, statin drugs could predispose the patients to heart disease by lowering their CoQ10 status, the very condition that these drugs are intended to prevent! Therefore, it would be wise if you are on this kind of medication to add 60 mg of CoQ10 to your diet on a daily basis. This will help with the neuromuscular symptoms as well as the exercise intolerance that often accompanies this medication. Are you aware that you need to take Acidophilus following the use of antibiotics? Antibiotics don’t pick and choose between friendly and unfriendly bacteria. Antibiotics will wipe out the good bacterial leaving you susceptible to further infection, digestive disorders and yeast infections! Are you aware that SSRI’s (antidepressants) lower Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin D and increase the need for essential fatty acids? Pain relievers such as Aspirin and Nsaids increase the need for Folic Acid, Iron, Vitamin C and glutathione. There are specifics for what is needed after the use of Antibiotics, Antacids, Anti-Hypertensives, Corticosteroids, Diuretics, Gout medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Laxatives, Contraceptives, Sleep Aids and more! Please let us know if you need a review of your medications to see what supplements you may need to make up for the strain put on your body by the medications you are currently taking. WE ARE THE BEST PLACE TO GET SUPPLEMENTS! WHY? Because we carry the top lines of nutritional supplements and we guarantee our supplements with a 100 percent money back policy if you are not satisfied. We will also meet or beat any price you can find on the Internet that includes shipping and handling. We can also get anything you need and many things that you wont be able to find online because they are only sold to Doctors. Any questions. Call us…we will be glad to help! HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY AND NEW YEARS!!! Dr. Steven Saul and Staff

    Author: Dr. Steven Saul
    Source: Dr. Steven Saul,
    Copyright: Dr. Steven Saul 2009

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    How do you know what you need?

    How do you know what supplements you need? Due to the over rotation of crops and the demineralization of the soil, foods no longer contain the nutrients we need!

    Our Advanced Body Chemistry Test checks 11 key Bio-markers to help you achieve Biochemical balance and wellness.

    These include  Acid-Alkaline Balance, Adrenal Stress, Cellular Respiration and Oxidative stress levels and Free Radical production.

    The test determines exactly what nutritional support is needed to get these Bio Markers in range for optimal health. It has changed peoples lives!

    If you would like more information, please contact the office at 404 252 0014.


     Dr. Saul

    Author: Dr. Steven Saul
    Source: Dr. Steven Saul
    Copyright: Dr. Steven Saul 2009

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    Hi. We have an amazing group of massage therapists available 6 days a week at the clinic. My opinion is that you need massage to feel and stay your best! Personally, I would not be able to do what I do without it. Chiropractic, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Diet and Exercise are the main components to giving you a life you love and a body you don't mind living in!

    Gift yourself the gift of health.

    Call today to make an appointment.

    Dont you deserve it?

    Yes you do!!

    Author: Dr. Steven Saul
    Source: Dr. Steven Saul
    Copyright: Dr. Steven Saul 2009

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    Indiana Colts Dwight Freeney Using Chiropractic To Heal Ankle
    Dwight Freeney's ankle injury is a major story leading into this weekend's superbowl. Though the Colts have kept their cards close to the chest on the whole matter, some details have leaked as to what they are doing to treat the issue. We do know that the Colts are very active with their treatments and Freeney is using some methods that have helped him in the past. The main one is Dr. Leon Mellman, Freeney's Chiropractor, is making sure not only his ankle is getting the proper care, but is also monitoring how his newly guarded walk is effecting the rest of his body. Most notably how his lower back could be adversely affected due to his newly acquired limp. Freeney's injury is being treated as any other low ankle sprain would be in the NFL with some minor tweaks. Although he was seen in a boot very recently, he spoke openly about keeping the motion in the ankle joint to promote healing. Very recently this became common place in joint surgeries; where immediately following the surgery, the joint is put into passive motion to prevent adhesion buildup and promote a quicker recovery. Freeney was spotted walking the beach without his boot on, most likely advised by team doctors for the same reason: a quicker recovery.

    Author: John Cybulski
    Source: February 4, 2010.
    Copyright: Houston Sports Medicine Examiner. 2010

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    Patients in Medicare Demonstration Project Give Chiropractors High Marks
    According to long-awaited results from a congressionally mandated pilot project testing the feasibility of expanding chiropractic services in the Medicare program, patients have a high rate of satisfaction with the care they receive from doctors of chiropractic.

    When asked to rate their satisfaction on a 10-point scale, 87 percent of patients in the study gave their doctor of chiropractic a level of 8 or higher. What's more, 56 percent of those patients rated their chiropractor with a perfect 10.

    Contributing to that satisfaction was the attention given to patients' needs and the accessibility of chiropractic care. Patients reported that doctors of chiropractic listened to them carefully and spent sufficient time with them. Some 95 percent said they had to wait no longer than one week for appointments.

    "Doctors of chiropractic everywhere should feel pride in these patient satisfaction results and in being part of a profession that still sees the great need for spending time with patients and truly listening to them," said Dr. Rick McMichael, president of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). "It's clear that patients deeply value the time their chiropractic providers spend with them and the expert care that DCs offer."

    The pilot, known as a "demonstration project" in Congress, was conducted from April 2005 to March 2007 throughout the states of Maine and New Mexico, and also in Scott County, Iowa, 26 counties comprising the Chicago metropolitan area, and 17 counties in central Virginia.

    Current chiropractic coverage under Medicare is limited to spinal manipulation. Under the demonstration project, however, chiropractic care was expanded to include diagnostic and other services, such as X-rays, examinations, physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

    The final report to Congress also includes information on the costs of expanding chiropractic services in the demonstration sites. The report indicates that in all but one of the demonstration sites, patients' health care costs were not significantly changed by expanding coverage of chiropractic services.  In contrast, a cost increase was found in the Chicago metropolitan area. Further research into the reasons why the results in Chicago differ from the rest of the demonstration project sites is needed to better understand these findings.

    "We already know that Medicare costs in general tend to be higher in Chicago than other similar areas of the country. We must find the underlying cause of the cost difference found in the chiropractic demonstration project and determine whether it had anything at all to do with the expansion of chiropractic services," Dr. McMichael noted.

    To further analyze the results of the demonstration project, ACA is creating a taskforce of Medicare experts and researchers who will review the report and develop a response for the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

    To view the report online, visit

    ACA is the largest chiropractic organization in the United States, representing more than 15,000 doctors of chiropractic and students.

    Author: American Chiropractic Association.
    Source: January 26, 2010
    Copyright: American Chiropractic Association. 2010

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    Chiropractors Get Involved with Haiti Relief Mission
    Chiropractor Peter Morgan had just left Haiti after completing a chiropractic mission there when the devastating earthquake struck.

    "We just had a calling to go back," said Morgan, a chiropractor on East Boston Post Road for 25 years and founder of Mission-Chiropractic.

    Morgan, 55, got together nine chiropractors and returned to the destroyed country on Jan. 20 to give out water and rice and offer chiropractic adjustments to the injured. They also brought five water filtration systems donated by Connecticut-based KX Technologies.

    The group stayed with a New Rochelle cabdriver, one of Morgan's patients whose family home was spared, and were shocked when they arrived in Pétionville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince.

    "There was one house, (then) five houses in rubble, one house, five houses in rubble," Morgan said.

    With carloads of supplies, Morgan and the other chiropractors visited a partially collapsed ambulance company that was still trying to operate even as some workers lay dead under rubble.

    Morgan adjusted ambulance workers who had back and shoulder pain from lifting debris and patients, and left them with a water filtration system.

    They also came upon a makeshift hospital, where doctors were performing amputations and stitching without any drugs.

    Minnesota chiropractic student Stephan Moje, who was part of Morgan's group, said that everywhere they went the stench of death was nearly unbearable.

    "The most shocking thing for me was the smell," he said. "You needed to cover your mouth with a hankerchief, and you had Tiger balm to put under your nose."

    Heather Rooks, a chiropractor from Wilmington, Del., said she could feel people's desperation as they handed out 400 pounds of rice and more than 500 gallons of water to hundreds of people.

    She recalled riding in the car and being approached by two brothers. When one saw she had food, his mouth started to quiver with disbelief.

    "The little kids came walking up and said, 'We're hungry. We're hungry,' and all I had was an apple," she said. "His face was like I had a block of gold. We gave it to them and said, 'Make sure you share.' The big brother gave it to the little brother, and he took a bite."

    Morgan said he was struck by people's graciousness. They joined Haitians in singing hymns and were brought to tears.

    "As we were about to leave, they put us in a circle and prayed for us," Morgan said. "It was one of the most touching things that happened in my life."

    Morgan is working on getting support from other chiropractors to continue to send help.

    "The people were thanking us, and the thing they were saying most of the time was, 'Don't forget us. Please come back. Please help us,' " he recalled.

    Source: February 2, 2010.
    Copyright: 2010

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    Green Tea Assists Mood In Elderly
    Japanese researchers have found that elderly men and women who drink 4 or more cups of green tea each day significantly reduce their likelihood of suffering from depression. When compared with those who consumed 1 or less cups of green tea daily, those consuming 4 or more cups were 44 percent less likely to suffer from depression. These effects also did not fade after they factored in social and economic status, gender, diet, history of medical problems, use of antidepressant medications, smoking, and physical activity. According to researchers, it is thought that the amino acid present in green tea, theanine, is thought to have a tranquilizing effect on the brain which may explain the beneficial effect of lowering depression related symptoms. A number of other studies have also shown green tea effective in reducing psychological stress.

    Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. December 2009.
    Copyright: LLC 2010

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