Hi. I spent the weekend with one of the top nutritional speakers in the country. I am going to sum up some of the findings.

Eat fruit in the morning. Make smoothies and start with organic frozen blueberries, which are also high in anti-oxidants. Try pure pomegranate juice and dilute it with water.Pomegranate juice has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant and reduces arterial atherosclerosis.

Processed foods are hurting us. Avoid processed cereals and complex carbs. Stay away from white flour and white rice. We humans have a hard time digesting grains, but if you eat them, keep them to less than 20 percent of your diet and make sure they are whole grains. Do avoid corn, soy and wheat. Tempeh is the only soybean product he approved.

Have you heard of Telomeres? Telomeres exist at the end of chromosomes. These telomeres decrease with each cell division. The shorter the telomere, the shorter your life expectancy. It has been shown that antioxidants and daily multivitamin use, increases telomere lengths. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol89, no.6, June 2009)

Get 3 servings a day of vegetables and 2 servings a day of fruit.

Avoid Swordfish..it has the highest Mercury content of any seafood. Don’t eat Tillapia for the same reason. Avoid farm raised fish. These fish are fed grains and can be grown in unhealthy pools. When we eat these fish we get the effects of the grains we are trying to avoid.

Read Health and Nutrition Secrets that can save your life by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

Autism rates are on the rise. 1983…one in ten thousand kids diagnosed and kids receive an average of ten vaccines. 2005..An alarming one in 150….kids receive and average of 35 vaccines. Is there a correlation? Check out this website. www.generationrescue.org

Use Olive Oil in salads and use Coconut oil for higher heat and sautes.. Coconut oil got a bad reputation as a saturated fat, but it turns out that there is a big difference between a long chain and medium chain saturated fat!

Take Vit D. It has strong immunoregulatory effects.  It helps fight infections, colds and flu’s. It may also prevent cancers and help with Autism. You get vit D from the sun. 20 to 30 minutes per day will suffice and dont burn your skin.

Fibromyalgia? Take Malic acid and magnesium. Avoid MSG and artificail sweeteners.

Next month, I will continue to share with you more info from the seminar. Questions, Comments? Email me at drstevensaul@gmail.com

Live long and be healthy,

Dr. Saul

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